Made in USA
Introducing the Rapid Bagger: a patented, multi-functional, yard and household bagging tool. 

$19.95 + S/H

The Rapid Bagger is the fastest way to clean up leaves and debris from your yard. Its patented “rolling compression” feature allows the user to easily and quickly deposit the leaves into any bag or barrel with little or no mess!

The Rapid Bagger can also bundle your branches, carry heavy tools, help transplant dirt or move mulch, and much, much more.

Please check out our Rapid Bagger video below to see just how easy and fast it is to use.  

Rapid Bagger Added Features 


Bundle Your Branches

 Tool Carrier

 Water Shield for Sprinklers

Fill ten bags in ten minutes!
Convenient Storing of the Rapid Bagger.

Transplant is easy with no mess.